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Originally Posted by felix_the_cat View Post
Yes, you can definitely book cruises with all the cruiselines through us using your Aeroplan miles. You need to put down the deposit then you submit the certificates by email to "us". Very easy process. At the same time you are paying your cruise with aeroplan miles you are earning aeroplan miles.

I suppose both programs are very similar however here in Ontario you can earn aeroplan miles in a lot more places than Air Miles. I am a gold collector with Air Miles but their add ons for "taxes and fees" are very high I find compared to aeroplan so I save the Air Miles for longer flights where the cost is worth it.

I didn't know Minot had an international airport. But it's still a 2.5 hour drive. We only have 30 miles to Buffalo so much better to fly out of there.
A friend of mine lives in Toronto area and over 10 years ago he said Aeroplan is the better deal in Ontario. Maybe it still is. Now here's something to consider. Out here, Safeway is an Air Miles sponsor as I said. I am originally from Newfoundland and Sobeys is the Air Miles sponsor out there. Over the years, Sobeys has been working it's way west from Atlantic Canada and have been in some Ontario cities now for some time. Do you have a Sobeys nearby, and do they offer Air Miles? Something to check into if you want, there may be some value in it.

WRT the taxes and fees, I haven't found that with Carnival at least. It has been my experience that if I open the Carnival site and the Air Miles site, they are very similar for a total price. Example: Just looked up a 7-day out of New Orleans for February 5th, 2012 on the Airmiles site, balcony says, $585 + $222 taxes and fees pp = $807. Went to the Carnival site and looked up the same cruise and it's $739 + $61.83 taxes and fees pp = $800.83. So that's less than $7 difference. Now maybe there are other cruises I could have compared that would have defended your argument a little more and affected the bottom line more, but we have noticed this since 2006 and after booking 3 cruises through Air Miles that the total on the bottom line is very close.

I'll try and supply the links to my example, but not sure if they will work...

Air Miles:


WRT us flying out of North Dakota, yes, it is 2.5 hours, but we're in Brandon which is 2 hours from Winnipeg. So if I was paying for my flights I would go North Dakota for the extra 30 minutes of driving which also allows me to bring back beer (we prefer beer of liquor and wine) duty free as I wouldn't dare back 2 X 24 packs in my luggage out of the US. A full tank of cheap US gas in our car, and weekly parking in Minot is $37 Vs the $75 in Winnipeg

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