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Default Azamara's Chief Blogging Officer's Comments

Hi Paul,

First, as Azamara’s Chief Blogging Officer, I want to thank for your very comprehensive Azamara Virtual Tour - a diary of your thoughts and feelings about your entire experience on the Azamara Journey’s January 8, 2011 voyage to the “Sea of Cortez.” Second, I was very disappointed that I did not have the opportunity to meet you after you had boarded the ship when it was in San Diego. Earlier that morning, I came aboard with Edie Bornstein, our VP of Marketing and Sales, to tour and inspect the ship since I had never seen the vessel. After a very thorough tour I disembarked at about 3:30 pm.

For me, when I avidly read your daily comments, it reminded me of viewing an x-ray of our service delivery process. Our onboard team is trained in “anticipatory service” to be able to anticipate a guest’s needs and empowered to make it happen during each moment of their vacation. Further, we stress the need for our staff member to deliver our product with flair and style tempered with respect for the intangibles: feelings, perceptions, and attitudes.

We want to impress you each and every moment we get a chance; however, I was very disappointed to read that we failed to meet your expectations in making your dining reservation in the Aqualina Restaurant after you had done so at the front desk. We strive for seamless service delivery. Since my role is to be the “eyes and ears” for Larry Pimentel and his executive team, I am passing on your comments along with your perceptive opinions about our entertainment to them. Your input will be extremely valuable to our ongoing benchmarking across the various areas in our guest service delivery. We understand that the journey to excellence is never ended – it is evolutionary.

As a point of reference, the guest satisfaction scores on the Journey’s January 8th Sea of Cortez voyage were very impressive since they reflected the opinions of guests who have traveled on fine quality lines and were able to discern the difference: Overall Cruise Experience = 290.3 or 96.8% - a perfect score is 300!

Other ratings:
 Staff Friendliness & Attitude - 296.8 / 98.9%
 Butlers (suites) - 298.2 / 99.4%
 Ship’s Officers - 288.9 / 96.3%
 Staff Level of Professionalism 289.9 / 96.6%

Nevertheless, in your case it seemed to be an issue of “consistency” and “seamless” communication. By meeting that challenge, only then can we expect to drive all of our guest ratings closer to 300. Since that is our target, that explains why I addressed your “irksome” shortfall first rather than your positive findings. We appreciated reading your approving comments every day about your overall experience especially with respect to your dining experiences and to our “destination immersion” philosophy.

For all of us at Azamara, however, the most satisfying feeling occurred when we realized that the overall experience which our officers, staff and crew delivered to you for the 8 days you were aboard, translated into your decision to title your January 21st article for – “Azamara Cruises: Surprisingly Excellent.”
Bill Leiber
Chief Blogging Officer*
Azamara Club Cruises
(*CBO is an authorized and compensated representative of ACC)
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