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Originally Posted by krosli View Post
That is really a good insight to the whole terrorism tale and what not. I guess it makes sense that all these terrorism thing are blown off proportion ( No pun intended )

Where in BC are you at? I am from the lower mainland.
Thanks...I'm from Vancouver. I've been lucky enough to have travelled around the world on cruise ships for a long time, and I've met some amazing people from all different cultures and backgrounds...including Americans. Hey, if I offended anyone with my previous post, I'm sorry. I have nothing against the states, or Americans I just think it's getting crazy with the whole security thing, and honestly nobody is out to get you (except the banks, and your own gov't). There really aren't that many terrorists, and if you'd just stop blowing up countries for oil (and opium poppies), then I think you'd be able to afford to fix things at home, and we could all get back on track. Times are tough, and you really have bigger things to worry about than terrorism. But, we get it...we've seen that you can bomb people back into the stone age. Please're just creating more terrorists. This is a self fulfilling prophecy that has to stop. Bring the troops home. They miss you guys, and they're out there sacrificing everything for a system that abandoned them a long time ago. You know it's true. These amazing soldiers are over there, guarding poppy fields. These kids don't know what they're fighting for anymore. It's not freedom. It's just not. They're good kids...bring them home.

As far as security goes, I really think those naked body scanners are creepy (not to mention a HUGE conflict of interest that should be illegal), and the TSA is honestly just sadistic and perverted these days. It's not right...that's not security...that's sexual assault, to be honest. In the least, it's systematic humiliation, intimidation, and security "theatre" that isn't actually making anyone safer. It's only there to keep us in line and submitting to authority. We're good people. The TSA harasses people like my grandma, and my nieces, and it's wrong. Honestly, after working on ships for years, and seeing how lax port security is...they should be focusing on cargo, and SHIP cargo. But, instead they're focusing on 5 year old kids, and that hot girl over there that they'd love to get a naked body scan of. You know, they're saving those files and trading them around. It's sick. You put one of those images in Photoshop, flip the pos/neg, and it's a naked photo...of you. And they're trading them.

Honestly, the security apparatus isn't focused in the right areas at all. People are basically good, but we're all freaked out now, and other countries are starting to following the US paranoia, and now with things like what happened in Russia today, who knows what'll happen out of that. Probably more naked body scanners, I'm guessing. Probably time to buy some stock in that company Michael Chertoff represents...Rapiscan, I think it's called. There...there's a tip. You watch that stock (NASDAQ: OSIS), and it might show you a bit about how this game is actually being played.

Oh, how strange...there was unusually high trading volume on Monday. I wonder why? Hmmm....

Follow the money...that's the real way to see through all the fear and hoopla about this. It won't lead you where you think it will though...and that's the bummer that I'm really sorry about.

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