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Default Re: Oh Captain, My Captain

You're right Pam that we do only have one version and it could be full of errors.

Couple thoughts:

* I don't really know where "full" ends and "overcrowding" starts. Of course you're right that agents should warn people that holiday cruises are likely to be crowded and crawling with kids. But it's just as true that passengers have a right to expect a seat in the dining room for one sitting or the other. If the posted report is true, everybody didn't get a seat. Now, regardless of the published capacity, or what the Coast Guard says is OK, subjectively I think it's reasonable to conclude that if there's not enough room for the passengers in the dining room, the ship is indeed overcrowded. If people are sitting up on Deck 10 in their tuxedos waiting for somebody to bring them some food, there's a serious lapse in progress, no matter how you care to define it.

* Your comparing complaining to the captain in the dining room to talking shop with doctors and lawyers at a party is not apt. Doctors and lawyers at a party are off duty. The captain, in uniform in a public area of the ship he commands is most assuredly not off duty. He is, in fact, performing one of his duties. I understand the "manners" issue completely, and under most conditions would not run over to say hello (never have, not likely I ever will). But I've also been cruising long enough to know that the captain used to be a fairly available guy. You got to shake hands with him at the welcome party, you got to go up and visit with him on the bridge if you wanted to, and it was never a surprise to run into him out on deck, walking around the dining room, or even in one of the bars. In short, if you really wanted to find him somewhere other than the captain's table, you could. Not any more. On Celebrity, unless you're a Captain's Club member or a repeater, you're very likely not to lay eyes on him except for the night he marches down the stairs at the opening reception. That's why I understand why somebody might use the dining table as a "target of opportunity," knowing that it isn't likely he'll ever be available anyplace else.

* And in the scheme of things it's pretty small potatoes compared to the unbridled rudeness--passenger to passenger--that we encountered on our Summit cruise earlier in the month.

By the way Pam, it's ABOUT TIME we disagreed!

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