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Default Re: Oh Captain, My Captain

I think we may have hit upon not only on an area where we agree, but most likely, the problem area itself! Maybe it is the passengers and thier rudness that is at the crux of the problem! I heard somewhere that someone is pointing out that may of these self-serving passengers are just showing up for dinner in the dining room at a time not assigned! That would definately screw up the delicate ballet that the staff does to seat and feed their guests. What do you do when you arrive at your table for early OR late seating and find it occupied by someone else that just decided they wanted to eat there and then? What a nightmare that would be if it was more than just the occasional boor. I stand behind my statement that the Captian is strictly off-limits while he is entertaining guests for dinner. There are other times he can be made available if it is necessary, which it shouldn't be as he has Officers that are in charge of certain areas and THEY are the ones you speak with first. My training in the military chain of command may be at fault for this attitude but I still maintain it is just good manners. Oh, as for someone who works for a travel website that is not often at the Captains table. That would be me. We have only had the pleasure once and I can assure you they had no idea at the time who I was other than maybe I was a retired cop as that is the only information that is on my ticket information packet.
PS I am trying very hard to become lighter btw, good food does tend to wiegh one down <VBG>
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