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Originally Posted by Queen of Oakville View Post
Maybe I need to revisit aeroplan. You can get aeroplan at stores? I though you could only get aeroplan from flying Air CAnada (which I rarely do unless flying for business to Ottawa or Montreal) or from using a CIBC Aerogold Visa.

I didn't know you could get aeroplan anywhere else.

That was how it started but now there are a number of ways of converting/collecting. Esso, Sobey's and there are a lot of restaurants in the Toronto area. I just don't have a list of them. I'll see if I can find where else you can collect.

My thoughts - I have aeroplan, air miles, southwest and delta loyalty cards. Oh yea and the Bay which can be converted to air miles. They don't cost me anything to enroll so I just collect. If I get to use them sweet, if I don't I'm not out of pocket. As of now, I have used business class air to Athens/Rome, several flights to Vancouver and Winnipeg, (although I don't find air miles are worth using anymore on my flights to Winnipeg) I have a free flight waiting to be used with Delta and the same with Avion. I'll use them sometime before 2012. Therefore I believe it's worth my while to have the loyalty cards.
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