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Default Best food

The parameters of "great food" now have to include quantity of choice, speed of delivery in the options AND quality delivered. At one point, the MDR for Celebrity paced it ahead of everyone but Princess. Then they added Cova, and the AquaSpa buffet, and the Olympic style ppm choices and they maintained their food advantage.

Nowadays I really don't see the difference. HAL on Eurodam has seven different places to enjoy dinner, with no assigned seating and no downdraft in order to get that and I'm hoping their "Le Cirque" night rivals anything I've had at sea. Tamarind is $15, the steakhouse $20 and the other options are free. Carnival's MDR on my last trip was outstanding. Every other cruise line targeted Celebrity's competitive advantage and I think basically neutralized it.

Bottom line, if I had to choose for today's food:
MDR: Carnival
Speciality, top of the line: Celebrity
Speciality, inexpensive options: HAL
Healthy dining: Celebrity
Lido: Carnival
Evening Chocolate Buffet: HAL
Overall enjoyment of food: I'm going with HAL

*never enjoyed Princess line, and never been on luxe liners.
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