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Default Re: Oh Captain, My Captain

Funny, if things are sooooooobad on the Summit... and internet access so readily available... why haven't we seen more postings on the various cruise boards?? Hmmmm?????????

The original poster, Andrew" is just very lucky he did not approach my father's table.. as Dad would have given him an earful and thrown him out of the dining room. AR - it just isn't done - there is shipboard etiquette and protocol. If Andrew wanted to speak to the Captain, all he had to do was write a note o his personalized stationery and have the note delivered to the Captain's office by his butler.

For those dining in the "cafeteria" - hey, they chose to be there. It is the casual alternative on formal night... and by reservation. If people did not make their reservations.... there is always room service.

Obviously, the Captain knew if he entertained any discussion with this poster - it was going to be a long drawn out affair.. and not a pleasant one.
On board Celebrity ships, the Hotel Manager oversees cabins, ships stores, housekeeping, the casino, Food & Beverage, etc. etc. There is nothing except the technical side which is not under his juristiction. He IS the person to talk to.

As far as the roll hitting the Captain.... boy what a good shot... I guess those seated in front of the Captain must have been very short people for the roll to clear the tops of their heads.

As one who has been invited to the Captain's table on my last two Century cruises.... we are just ordinary people. The first time was at the request of my agent (I had no idea) and the second time, the social hostess asked me if I would like to dine once again. Other than being a single female and helping round out the table... I am just an ordinary cruise addict. As far as schmoozing goes..... ha!!! Topics of conversation ran the gamut from overcrowding during the summer months on Mykonos to cyclical recessions to coping with a parent with Alzheimer's. Nice schmoozing conversations!

All in all, I think the original poster doth protest too much and is full of himself. After all......if things are soooooooo bad, there would be more online complaints!!!
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