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Originally Posted by felix_the_cat View Post
Most of the lines charge 200% for a single although they do run specials once in awhile at 100 - 150 - 175%. Very expensive to sail solo.

This new idea allows two questions - are they going to charge a single rate without the extra, and will it cause them to pull the specials they run for singles at times?

I wonder when they are going to put the prices out. I have a feeling they will sell within five minutes.
Have I been missing RCL single specials? I sometimes cruise on my own and haven't seen any RCL single specials. Two summers ago I got an amazing deal on a Med cruise--DH couldn't get away so I went on my own--at 110%. Even the C&A gal was shocked. I've never seen any specials for singles besides those in the Tuesday sale which has the reduced single supplement (150-175%). Please let me know where to find them, I'd love to save a bit of cash on my next solo cruise because you are right, it is very expensive sailing solo.
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