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Sorry Radiofree, but I'm smelling some major trolling or misdirection here.

Why, it just dont tie up for me, and one of my fellow gripers did pick up on it above.

I can hear and read your gripe, but it sounds like a gripe supposed to be from a crew member, but written by a passenger. You nearly did it, but hey ho, caught out bud.

And if I can tell you why I'm pee'd off with you, its because on gripes I expect honesty, it may be off the wall, it may be contraversial, it potentially could get you banned on here for that opinion, but its honest in your heart and opinion.

Your just throwing out curve balls waiting to see if someone will can do better. Give your own real opinion.

And if in the very very very slim chance that you are a crew member that found this site,,,your in the wrong job, simple as most of us too take crap EVERY day at work especially in the service industry. If you knew the service industry, then people who are good at it do not see the jobs they do as being a slave to anyone. And on a ship the ones that do service well are well rewarded well, they have respect, know how to play the game and actually make a lot of money. Did you realise that?

How ship passengers, like customers in a shop behave everyday is like water off a ducks back to a professional in service,,,they know the game when working in service. SO again your interpretation of what people do or think that work in service shows you have not actually done it

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