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Originally Posted by DayvidB View Post
Thanks but I dont need to get into this too deep. If they / you where and no longer employed in the cruise industry, then the right call. If you are still in, get out,,,never suited to the job, why do it when you are apparently so unhappy with the clients you get onboard. Leave the job, people are not going to change and there will be others out there that will do your job better and not moan.

Don't know if you both wanted a shoulder to cry on, wish I had one in my job. Lets hear from the people that work in McDonalds or Walmart that think they too are treated like slaves,,,not. Why because they are doing a job and its by choice

Your assumptions are way off base.
You have no idea of what I do or did not nor Radio..and I have no need of your platitudes. A lot of people work hard at what ever their jobs are and do it by choice and a lot have landed not by choice but by necessity.

I do assume you support the fact that majority of cruise ship workers regardless of their position do work hard and the vast majority of passengers are respectful of those that want to ensure they have a good cruise.
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