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Originally Posted by Queen of Oakville View Post
I looked into awhile back to convert my esso points to hbc rewards .... I think my end goal was to end up as airmiles. But there were some restriction that converted points could not be further converted.

I have a TON of esso rewards. I also collect SDM points.
Quite a while ago we set up the option to transfer HBC (Zellers here) points to Air Miles. Basically how it works is that as soon as enough HBC points accumulate for an Air Mile, the transaction happens automatically. So I suggest you setup your HBC to Air Miles first, then setup your ESSO points to go over to HBC. From there they should end up as Air Miles.

One thing to note, I suspect that there will be some loss in value transitioning your points. Especially in your case as it will happen twice. Maybe call HBC and ask them how many points equal 1 Air Mile. Then call ESSO and ask how many points equal 1 HBC point. Then calculate how many Air Miles the end result is worth, and make your decision if its worth it.

If memory serves me correctly, 40 HBC points equals 1 Air Mile, but don't quote me on that.

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