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Default Re: To Babette

Dear AR ...

With all due respect (isn't if fun that we are finally disagreeing?) 10:45 PM is NOT the proper hour to take up issues other than overflowing bathrooms or similar. And you wouldn't take those up with the Captain and staff. Especially over dinner.

There wasn't a thing the Captain could have done at that hour to rectify a situation that had already occurred.

"Redress from other quarters" should have been taken up the next day, IMO.

Keep in mind, we have only heard ONE story -- so far. And that from someone who seems to be angling for a free cruise or a rebate on one already taken.

I also don't think the Captain is the "servant of the paying guests" ... it's his job to keep the ship and the passengers safe, not to worry about whether the veal doesn't meet proper gourmet standards. If he serves anyone, it's the company which employs him, the stockholders who have invsted in the company, and for good reason. There are plently of people running around to keep the passengers happy.

To me, there is absolutely no justification for interrupting a private dinner to complain about something that couldn't be fixed.

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