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some of the nicest people I have met on cruises are the staff
Most staff on board are wonderful, but I've also encountered some 'ugly' and arrogant ones.

I rarely complain on any cruise, but this past November on Conquest I had 3 incidences from staff-- two of which I made formal complaints while on board. Now if I take the time out of my vacation' to make a formal written complaint, it's because it was pretty significant and needed to be addressed right away.

One incident was my partner and I going to a bar (we purchased souvenir glasses the day before) and taking our souvenir glasses expecting to have our dirty glasses replaced with new ones as was the protocol from a bar who served us the day before, only to have ice put in our dirty glasses. When I called him on it, he dumped the ice immediately back into the ice bin. He made a snide remark that I gave him the glasses, it was my job to clean them and they do not give clean glasses upon refill. (Not true per bar manager) He then proceeded to serve me in new glasses using the same dirty ice he had just dumped back into the bin. I just wanted to throw up. This was a sanitary issue. How many other times has he dumped somebody’s dirty ice back into the ice bin…? I took it straight to the information desk and filed a written complaint. The incident only got uglier with him continuing to show his cocky arrogant attitude in flicking an employee’s head knowing we were watching and the employee turning around wondering why on earth he had just done that.

I understand wanting to cut down on dirty dishes, but at least rinse out an obvious dirty glass and NEVER throw dirty ice back into the ice bin.

It seems to me that service has gone down and attitudes have changed since tips are automatically charged now.

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