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Originally Posted by You View Post
Seems the last few years the cruise world has a "new formal".
No, there's no "new formal," but several cruise lines have abandoned "formal" (either officially, as a matter of stated policy, or de facto, by failure to enforce the prescribed standards) in favor of something else.

And in reality, the so-called "formal" evenings on most cruise lines really have been "modified formal" evenings, meaning that a dark business suit with a standard dress shirt and necktie is acceptable attire for gents and a cocktail dress is acceptable attire for ladies, for about four decades now.

Originally Posted by You
Do you still pack tuxedos and gowns, or suits and fancy dresses ?
If the cruise line advertises "formal" evenings, as Celebrity does, I bring my white dinner jacket outfit if the cruise is in the summer or in the tropical or subtropical regions or my tuxedo otherwise.

My experience on Celebrity, mostly on cruises of ten nights or longer, is that nearly all of the passengers do wear the prescribed attire for the "formal" evening. On my most recent cruise (last October-November in the Caribbean), I overheard a couple (apparently quite embarrassed) passengers remark that they did not expect the "formal" evenings to be quite so dressy.

That said, I do understand that the four-night and five-night cruises in the Caribbean draw a very different crowd. I have heard from several sources that the dress code typically goes out the window on those sailings.

As best I can tell, seven night sailings in the Caribbean and Alaska seem to get about 80% conformance with the dress codes and about 20% who (1) get bad information from their travel agents, (2) expect Celebrity to be just like Carnival, or (3) just don't get it.

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