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Originally Posted by johnthed0g View Post
No excuse for rudeness, but that's the public service industry for you, so perhaps if you are not suited to the life you have the wrong job?
Maybe a question for you?....why don't staff enforce the dress codes & why do staff allow chair hogs to get away with it, it's not up to passengers to get into confrontations.
Excellent question.
I have an excellent answer for you.
Nearly every time a crew member fries to enforce a dress code or kick a chair hog off a chair, the passenger tries to get even.
He/she comes up with outrageous stories about the crewmember being rude, insulting the passenger, etc. Unfortunately the corporate office believes the passenger's story over the crewmember's story.
Too many crewmembers have lost their jobs trying to enforce the rules.
It's just not worth it anymore
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