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Originally Posted by Wando View Post
One other addition to what you have posted, if you purchase wine (or are gifted wine by friends or a TA) and have it delivered to your cabin, and you want to take it to the dining room, be aware that you will likely be charged a corkage fee (I believe it is $12) to do that. It is one of Royal Caribbean's bizzare rules that they will charge a corkage fee on wine purchased from them if it isn't delivered to the dining room.
So, just to be sure I understand...if I buy a wine package and decide to have a bottle delivered to my room to drink there in the room, and then change my mind and take it with me to the dining room, RCI will charge $12 for corkage. But if I have the wine package and just go directly to dinner and ask for one of my bottles during dinner, there is no additional charge. Is that right?
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