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First of all, GREAT statement, yelocab!!

I hate a sloppy drunk, mostly because they are very load when drinking, so why not band alcohol?? I dislike sitting in the DR and have some chick wears cheap perfume!

I am a smoker but TRY to be considerate of others but don't tell me that I can't smoke on my balcony or my suite because I paid good money for them.

Most of the ships that I have sailed have a LOT of places where there is no smoking, so why attack the smokers when we have less than 10% of the ship to smoke in.

Just tried of big brother saying what I can do and not do. It is a personal choice.

As far as pollution goes, I would dare to say that the smokers make up a VERY small % of the toxic compared to big companies with smoke coming out of their smoke stacks. Or trucks or car coming out of Mexico that have no regulations that they enforce as far as pollution.

Banned alcohol because that drunk might kill me or my family members. Where does it stop????
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