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Since the complaint made by a paying passenger carries more weight than the story told by the crew member, naturally the cruise line will be more willing to listen to the paying customer, even if they know the crew person is probably right.
Another thing too, usually the crew person has been on enough cruises to know they won't get anything but trouble for trying to enforce some rule or other and they realize too, that you're just a face that's here this week and gone the next week, only to be replaced by someone who is hopefully better and easier to deal with , so they just learn to roll with it and let it go.
Why try to enforce any rules only to start a confrontation they can't win when you'll be gone in a few days?
Now if they, the crew and cruise lines, had to deal with the same people over and over week after week it would probably be a different story altogether.
My wife has worked retail for 35 years and I can tell you dealing with the public in general is not an easy task. I dealt with the public in my working career and know from first hand experience how some, not all, but some people simply are not going to be pleased, no matter what you do for them.
My eggs are cold--mine's too runny, mine's too hard--my coffee is too strong--mine's too weak-- mine is too hot--my bread is stale, mine is too soft-- my beef is tough--mine's too done-- my waiter is too slow--mine didn't give me enough time to finish my salad-- my lobster is tough--mine was too small--my towel is gone from where I left it at 6 a.m this morning and there's a fat man sitting in my chair- -- I can't find a seat by the pool and it's only 11:30 a.m.- - sound familiar? and oh--the ice cream machine isn't working-- it's out of mix and it's only 2:30 p.m.
But we love to cruise !!
Wish I were on one now instead of looking out at more snow and ice!
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