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Originally Posted by DayvidB View Post
So, as long as you get their money, their tips and their respect to you in your eyes,,,, is the thing, you actually don’t care about them, they are just another week’s worth of ship cattle fodder and dollars.
As people and customers presented to you for an experience, you could not give a toss on their ship experience or care how your “demeanour” may or may not influence how you dealt with them and their ship experience. Is that what I'm reading?
Why ask people to consider how hard you work, when you dont do the same in return? But key point you are on here moaning about disrespect regarding how hard you work, "I don't really care how hard people work, any more than they consider how hard I may have worked to be on the cruise"

But you do, hence the gripe and back up to it. If you did not care we would not be having this conversation.

And I notice your wee mate that started all this has gone, do you really want to fight his corner? If he /she felt so strong they would be back in and not leaving you to justify
It seems all you like to post are arguments or how wonderful you are and only you know the true calling of service.
It is not in anybody jobs criteria to know whet it took for a passenger to afford this trip. All passengers are equal in terms of service.
The board is normally for folks to offer knowledge and help for cruisers not to rant about what is bothering you on a continuous basis.
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