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Originally Posted by krunch View Post
Personal pride in one's appearance, that's what I said, showing off for people you don't know. Wear something that shouts, "Look at me". Hey, if you're into that, go for it, I have nothing against you or anyone who dresses like that but don't think it makes you a better person than I am. I have lots of pride. Pride of my family history, where I am from, the hard worker that I am, and the friend that I am to many people. I don't need to dress in specefic clothing to display my pride.

I think the problem here is the definition for formal. To me, formal is a suit or a tux, and I own neither and never will. On our last cruise we went to our first ever formal night. I was wearing the exact dress pants and short sleeved dress shirt (no tie) that I have worn to the casual nights, and I wear to whatever bars we decide to visit that evening. What I wore is what I wear to work which is comfy and at work we call it "Business casual". If I was doing something wrong then I should have been turned away.
This is what I call snobbery in reverse, thinking those who dress in accordance with the dress code somehow feel superior to those who don't. I think people feel a bit sorry for those who don't seem to understand the dress code thing, sometimes a little embarrassed for them too. Dress code is dress code if you don't respect it then you don't, trying to justify it doesn't really help. Cruise lines inform people what the are expected to wear, if they don't wear it & the staff don't ask them to change then the whole thing is a waste of time.Peopleknow the "rules" when they book...or should do.
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