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Reverse snobbery, nice ! If someone likes to dress up, because they get some personal satisfaction out of it then that is perfectly fine. The only person you should be attempting to please (impress) is yourself, and maybe your mate. You can not deny that there are people that do dress up for no other purpose but to show off, and I am not stereotyping the people who choose to dress up. I can not, and do not, differentiate between them. If I see a lady or a gentleman dressed to the nines, good for you, enjoy, no matter what the reason was that you dressed up, just don't expect my attention, or respect either for that matter, just because of your clothing? That's all I am saying. It's just clothing, or wrapping paper, I'm more interested in whats inside (the type of human being you are).

I know the (dress code) rules. They were posted above and apparently I didn't break them.

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