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Originally Posted by johnthed0g View Post
Thanks for the answer, that is definitely a bad situation to be in & I don't blame the staff for avoiding the situation.
BUT the cruise line should be aware of this & have a senior staff member to act when they have to confront a passenger, preferably with a second member as a witness.
From a passenger's point of view we cannot get into a confrontational situation, we could end up on the dockside having to find our way home & barred from all cruise lines, rules are made by the cruiseline & the cruiseline should apply them fairly, with no exceptions.
I do get annoyed when I buy special luggage to comply with the cruise lines spec.(it is them not the airline) & leave stuff at home to fall within luggage limits & see people ignoring these rule & getting away with it. I do get annoyed when I am told I am not allowed anywhere on the ship except the buffet because I had no room for semi-formal clothes, but find the rule was ignored by all but me. I do get annoyed to find venues sold out for the whole cruise on the first day when no pre booking is allowed but obviously has taken place. I do get annoyed when there are people dressed in less than casual clothes on formal nights & nothing is said by staff. Most of all it's the fact that they make these rules but don't enforce them that makes me cross, either uphold the rules or just drop them.
Yes, the cruise lines SHOULD do something about this - but they do not.
Having Senior Officers and witnesses in the room doesn't help either - and the passengers who cause these problems know that.
I am a Senior Officer. I have witnesses at every meeting with a passenger. Many of the passengers still lie, and cause major problems for us.

I am now forced to secretly record any and all conversations I have with complaining passengers in my office.
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