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Originally Posted by johnthed0g View Post
Dress codes are slanted towards what men are asked to wear, & yes it is one example where this is the case. A lady could just wear a pair of smart black trousers & a sparkly top on any code...It would make life easier though, cruises from Southampton we have about 5 cases, one just shoes, she must have taken 10 dresses on Azura.
PS.. wearing a tie isn't a problem if your shirt collar is the right size they are not tight.
Well I think you have just provided evidence for the simplification of the dress code.

Although I am UK based, I would fly to SOTON - 5 cases no way! The luggage belt at SOTON airport could not cope

Smart trousers and smart shirt should be sufficient for the men and if some of you want to wear a suit fine but it should not be compulsory. I am all for equality of the sexes on this.

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