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As an addicted smoker I certainly don't want to get into an argument about smoking. We just got home from Cozumel/Progresso after sailing on the Triumph and as first time cruisers we immensely enjoyed the trip. As for smoking, it was a bit confusing at times as to where it was allowed. On the open deck there were ash trays supplied in one area. The wind is constantly blowing so the smoke goes pretty much directly behind the ship and it is almost totally non detectable forward of the smoking area or to the side of it. Smoking in the stateroom was discouraged simply by the unenforced rule of not smoking in bed. We smoked on the balcony quite a bit but as mentioned above, the smoke is quickly carried away and there are walls between cabin balconies. The aversion to smoking and so many people claiming to get sick from the slightest exposure is waayyy far overhyped, mostly psychosomatic. I kinda get tired of the wimpy snobs throwing the crap at me about all the chit that's in tobacco. It's not like I don't know it already but then there are all kinds of chit in all kinds of things and doctors prescribe meds that are just as bad if not worse. In my opinion it's mostly just more political crap but I do know that cigarettes are absolutely the most addictive drug, more so than even cocaine. I'd love to quit and just walk away from cigarettes but it ain't happening. If I've offended anyone just realize I'm talking "straight talk" here, not trying to appease anyone or offend anyone. There are plenty of places that do not allow smoking, kinda difficult to find a place to smoke except in the casino. For the most part you can't even smell the smoke anywhere and everyone is very respectful of those who don't smoke. As for the whole deal, just remember that there are a lot of very poor people who make a living off of tourism and selling cigars is a big need for the support of their families.... of course, we can say the same about drug dealers as well as people who have anything to sell no matter how it fits within the social status of our society. So, for my opinion, if someone has a strict aversion to smoking I'd say join others like you and book on a cruise where no smoking is the rule. For others who either smoke or are not offended by smoke let us enjoy our freedom.