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Originally Posted by A&B View Post
...sigh...unfortunately easier said than done in the days before digital cameras. Guess a good 'ol pair of scissors would have to do at this point....

I've never been one to cut on my pics anyway-- not even the bad ones, and now the pictures 'tell a story' so guess at this point, I'm just stuck with 'em.

I hear you, and yes, it's their bad so-to-speak, but dress codes are rarely enforced it seems and cruisers know it and over time more and more cruisers dress up less and less and why I too, think formal nights will soon be a thing of the past. I actually enjoy not having the stressors of the additional shopping and packing all the extras for formal nights like I once did, but I must say, I am grateful to have had the opportunity to cruise at a time when about everyone on a ship did dress to the nines on formal night.

Different day and age I guess.

Not to worry! This is the era of very extreme advanced technology... simply scan the pictures then use photoshop to crop the crap!
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