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Originally Posted by randyj View Post
I'm pretty much with those who say "to each their own". I suppose the whole thing boils down to the purpose for which you are on a cruise. I certainly didn't go on a cruise to impress anyone or blow smoke up their butts. I went on a cruise to take a break from normal routine and the cold winter weather. I was there to relax and be comfortable. All of the people were really nice and friendly and pretty much the conversations were about where everyone is from and what they do for a living. I found it very interesting that we met a roofer, a young couple who had just finished their residency (he is an oral surgeon and she's some kind of doctor/brain surgeon) then we met another young couple who she graduated in museum studies and her fiance is in tech school for electrical engineering. With the some 2700 people on board we sat next to one couple who dressed somewhat elegantly, an older couple. He was in a tux and she was in very nice attire with glittering jewelry. Actually, they seemed proud but a bit uncomfortable in the spiffy outfits. I can say that they appeared well healed, he talked about enjoying fine wine and I told him honestly that I wouldn't know chablis from Boone's farm, Ripple, or Red Dagger. These cruise lines don't judge social class. They are there for the money... PERIOD! I went to live my own life, not to be judged and to enjoy myself and that we truly did. I would say that on an economical cruise such as is offered by Carnival you can expect to meet people from all walks of life and you can expect to have a very good time. If you want to hob knob with the elegant and wealthy then you will have to find a cruise which caters to that particular crowd... and expect to pay the price. My opinion is that we got a cruise to places that I never in my life thought I would be able to go to and for the price I doubt I could have had the same length of vacation on the beach in near as well appointed hotel, much less the entertainment and food for even close to the same price. On top of that, I don't care for the beach at all but do love being on the water and loved the beach we visited in Cozumel. My only regret was that we didn't make the right choice so that we could have spent more time on the beach or doing what we wanted to do in Cozumel and if I ever do go back I definitely will not book an excursion. basically enjoyed the cruise, would you do it again?
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