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Originally Posted by ruthlessboss View Post
They moan and groan as we are the ones to fight back. "They" can't argue with the drivers of smoke emitting cars, busses, trucks, cruiseship smokestacks (do they even look!), cleaning fluids, their charcoal grills, toilets, and the list goes on. Amazing how the only thing that bothers them is a 1 or 2 second of smoke going past their noses. Life is full of carcinogens but they choose to only target smokers because we will answer them, they won't take on big industry as long as they get their cars, airplanes, perfumes, gasoline etc.
Exactly....there are far to many toxins that we have to deal with in daily life that are NECESSARY in our society..... why add someone's drug addiction to the list?

Nonsmokers are not "targeting" any one....we are trying to prevent an unnecessary poison from getting into our bodies in a world where we are already overexposed....

This isn't a "whiff" (1 or 2 seconds) we are talking about. We are talking about a HAZE 24/7 in the hallway and a white out in the piano bar and disco.

The hallway exposure alone is to much to expose children to.

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