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Originally Posted by limeyiam View Post
I have just booked my first cruise and am very excited, my husband has served 24 years in the US Air Force and is retiring this July, so his gift to his family is a cruise, he is a non-smoker and I am a smoker, so we saved hard so we could have a suite with a balcony so I have somewhere to smoke, we did this so we had the best of both, he has his smoke free room and I get to enjoy smoking on the balcony, now I am worried I will be next to someone who is going to complain and make things uncomfortable for me. I do sympathize with non-smokers, my hope is by me posting this it will let people see a different side, from a smoker. I want everyone to enjoy their Cruise.
We are also travelling with 2 teenage children who have an inside room opposite us, so they are not around my smoke.
So, you are a smoker and think it's ok for everyone else, but you are traveling with 2 teenage children who have an inside cabin opposite you so they are not around your smoke.
Aren't you now saying that, as you cheer on the smokers, that you just don't want your children to have to breathe it. Why is it good for us, the non-smokers, but not ok for your kids?