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With regards to the comedy shows, the later ones are R rated, not NC17 or X rated. If a parent is comfortable with their child being exposed to that kind of thing, and is there with them, then what's the problem? My dad was taking me to R rated movies long before I was 17/18. But he was there, and he knew I was mature enough for them. In Europe, well except maybe the UK, there are no precious snowflakes to be harmed. At the age of 8 or 9, I was exposed to Dr Mueller's Sex Shop just outside of arrival gate 8 at Frankfurt International Airport. (This was back when there was only one terminal). Guess what? I'm not scarred for life for it. Heck, walking down the street of Frankfurt one day we walked right past a sex shop. I was maybe 10. Nope, still not harmed for it.

Its only in our puritanical America ... oh, did you forget we were founded by the puritans?, that people get so hung up on things like this. I mean heck, I was teethed on Bicardi and Crown Royal. 30+ years ago, no one came chasing after my parents. Today, a parent that used a labeled liquor would be arrested and their child taken away. But look at the ingredients on something like Ambesol. Its ALCOHOL! Its actually pretty strong as well. Nyqul? Its got alcohol. But hey, its sold in the name of medicine, so its okay, right?

1994, I'm camping in the Czech Republic. Surrounded by other Americans, Belgians, French, Germans, Canadians, and the UK. Guess who had a good time, and guess who had crazy rules about so many adults at the camp sites while others went to the "beer tent."

I basically grew up in Germany. 2 different times mixed between elementary school and then high school age. I've seen both sides of the coin, and while I am proud to be an American, I know we can do better.

And okay, I'm gonna step off my soap box now, but it did feel good to rant a little on this subject matter. And for fun's sake, here's a picture of my Intercamp 1994 patch. My BSA uniform shirt is still in pristine condition, hoping for a better day where they might actually want me back working with them.


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