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Originally Posted by Mike M View Post
I just returned from a week in Cabo San Lucas. I saw nothing that indicated that it was "less safe" than any other time I have visited Mexico. There are still the same street vendors and urchins who are pushing their wares but not overly aggressively.

We wandered throughout the town and area and at no time did we feel unsafe or threatened.

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The cruise ships will be spending MORE time in Cabo because there hasn't been a problem there...I was writing specifically only
about Mazatlan. As I mentioned, we've been to Mazatlan many many times to visit our friends...and have never felt threatened or unsafe. In fact we were there in December of 2009. BUT evidently there is a big change afoot. Since our friends live in Mazatlan I assume they are more aware of what's going on then I, a casual tourist. So when we were preparing to visit them in December 2010, and they felt concerned enough to warn us about what is happening in Mazatlan...we paid attention. I don't think they were doing this because they are alarmist or just didn't want us to visit (or maybe they did..hahaha) We believe they were acting out of genuine concern for our safety.
To be a victim of crime is terrible and stressful no matter where you are. But when it happens in a foreign country it can even feel worst. The differences in language and culture will heighten the feelings of stress, anxiety and worry. Not to mention the pure frustration of processing the paperwork involved in trying to get help!
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