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Originally Posted by A&B View Post
You wanna keep this thread going.... very well then.... there may be "more STENCH" in this world, but not worse stench than than the stench of cigarette smoke. My opinion of course, which I'm entitled to RB...

Are you non smoking do gooders happy? I think some aren't, so they feel better ragging about this subject, makes them feel better.
Most non smokers have an understanding of us and don't mind getting a whiff or two, after all they are aware their lives at home don't have smoke. We are generally good people and don't appreciate the way you treat us.
We don't lock you in a space with us with no ventillation, and you can avoid a smoking area very easily. And don't bring up the casino senario, smoking is there so we smokers will sit there and give away our money, it's proven non smokers don't support the casino financially.