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Originally Posted by Rev22:17 View Post

Yes, the four night and five night Caribbean itineraries have acquired a reputation for being that way -- the complete antithesis of the longer cruises.

The "formal" evenings are alive and well on Celebrity's cruises of a week or more, too. For some reason, the four night and five night cruises draw a very different crowd.

Norm... you keep saying it's formal on the longer Celebrity cruises, yet I haven't found any other Celebrity cruisers agreeing with you. Even the folks I know who cruise Celeb but don't post on the boards tell me they certainly don't see it on their cruises.

From my sources, they say perhaps more on Celeb than other lines, but still well less than 50% of men in tuxedos or dinner jackets.

I retired my tux 4-5 yrs ago. Though I may dust it off for my upcoming Crystal cruise.
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