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Originally Posted by itsmrbudman2u View Post
What do you guys and gals think about having that section apear just like the other sections, and eliminating the sub-section by ship? I think it's redundant, and it doesn't really make posting and finding posts any eaiser.
I think we used to have it that way.

The problem is that it makes it too hard for people to find cruises on THEIR ship. If we could get people to always format the subject line with the name of the ship and sail date it would work, but we have found we have no way to control the way people format their own posts.

So people just write "Carnival in February" while some others write "Oct 23rd - sailing solo" in their subject lines.

At least separating by ship narrows it down enough that people can browse through without encountering too many posts.

We used to have a GREAT format outside the message boards where people could select their exact ship and sail date - but it has gone by the wayside because no one used it. That is history now.

Thank you for your input. If there was an easy fix we would do it and we always welcome suggestions.

By the way - we do have a working search function where you can select your ship in Meet on Board and search by different terms.
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