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Default planning our first cruise

Hey everyone,

I'm new here and was hoping to get some expert advise. Im looking to go on my first cruise with my girlfriend, most likely in June of 2011. I don't know the first thing about cruises, so I'm still browing your forum for help.

We are looking to leave from a port in New York, and take a cruise lasting about 7 days or nights. I say June bcause it works best with our schedules as of now.

I was hoping someone could help me plan this out. I have a budget for about $900 each for tickets. I know alcohol and other items are seperate. We discussed possibly going to the bahamas, but we are open to anything sunny.

It seems as if most members here are knowledgeable with cruises, so I was hoping you could recommend some good lines, ships, sites to book, what deck to stay on etc. I haven't dealt with any travel agents as we are beginning our search. I thank you in advance for your help, and hope I haven't asked too many questions. Thank you!

Also, we are 23-24 years old if that makes a difference. A ship with a decent bar would be a nice feature.
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