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Originally Posted by you View Post
From my sources, they say perhaps more on Celeb than other lines, but still well less than 50% of men in tuxedos or dinner jackets.
I'm not sure whether you misheard or I misspoke, but in either case, you obviously misunderstood what I meant.

All of the major cruise lines adopted a "modified formal" standard of dress for the "formal" evenings back in the 1970's, when most gentlemen owned business suits because it was expected business attire (there was no "business casual" in that day) and few gentlemen owned tuxedos. For ladies, the "modified formal" standard of dress also admitted fancy cocktail dresses as well as evening dresses. Well over 95% of what I have seen passenges wearing on the "formal" evenings on recent Celebrity cruises still conforms to that "modified formal" standard of dress, which is what Celebrity still prescribes for the "formal" evenings. This was the meaning that I intended to convey in my earlier post, but it's obvious from the portion of your post that I quoted that it's not what came through.

Having said that, I'll add that I usually book the second seating for dinner, where I have observed a fairly even mix (somewhere between 60%/40% and 40%/60%) between suits and "black tie" outfits on the "formal" evenings. I can't speak to the mix between suits and "black tie" is different at first seating from personal experience, but it occurs to me that it's likely to be different because the passengers who are more into the formal scene probably are accustomed to a later dinner even ashore and thus prefer second seating.

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