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Default "Violence in Mazatlan".

Originally Posted by Big Cruiser View Post
Someone needs to get their facts straight. As of today the only cruise line not to stop in Mazatlan is Disney. In my opinion this was a knee jerk decision. NCL, Carnival, Princess, and Holland America are all still scheduled to port in Mazatlan as usual. The safest ports of the journey for a 7 day Mx. Riviera cruise is the Mexico ports. It's much more dangerous in LA!
If they pulled out of every port with crime they couldn't sail anywhere in the world!
You might be right. I was only quoting USA Today...and of course sharing our friends warning who live in Mazatlan. You are also right about violence in L.A. too...but there is also a big difference between 'petty' robbery (taking your purse, switching merchandise, etc.) and a tourist being held at gunpoint by one robber, while another accomplice beats him AFTER stealing his cellphone and wallet just because they can (the gentleman had to be hospitalized)...or a woman being shoved to the ground and her jewelry being ripped off her neck...or two young women being held at gunpoint while their rented car is stolen....this in broad daylight on busy public streets.

I also agree with Mike M...Perhaps I should have had thread title as "Violence in Mazatlan" not Mexico.
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