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Default The Most Unforgettable Character You've ever Met

Readers Digest features a "Most Unforgettable Character you've ever met" feature .Is there someone in your past who fits this description ?

For me its sort of in reverse .When I was a youngster my father took me to a friends office .He was bringing his nephew and even though he was 3 years younger it was expected that we would get along . Pictures were taken of both of us playing (I still have them) . Approximately 10 years ago I was at a conference ,the guest lecturer was Donald Trump .Afterward selected audience members were chosen to meet "the Donald ." I was not among those chosen but I got to speak to his VP of Operations ,I showed him a picture of 5 year old Donald .He said "one minute ". Out came Mr.Trump and he gave me 5 seconds "nice to see you."

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