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Originally Posted by debp View Post
I have been on an airline where the flight attendants were responsible for the condition of the restrooms - China Air. Flying coach, I got up to use the restroom mid-flight of my 16 hours. The attendant saw me, raced ahead and did a quick disenfecting and sprucing of the restroom before I went in. It was wonderful, but to be honest I was embarrassed that she did that for me. By the way - the restroom had no odor.

I cannot say I was okay with other practices on that airline - no computers for check in - just clipboards and no calling by section - everyone just crammed forward to board the flight.
I did the last Rhapsody cruise out of Texas before it moved to Asia. They were changing the cabin stewards in anticipation and I had a Chinese steward for the first time. His english wasn't very good, but that was the CLEANEST cabin we have ever had.

I try to wait until we reach the terminal when flying. Not always possible, but then again it's easier for guys.
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