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Originally Posted by diebroke View Post
You do get the impression from Regent's all inclusive philosophy that they assume their typical client is not very bright, not very travel savvy, and/or lazy.
Diebroke I hope I don't fall into those first 2 categories, but may concede to the 3rd since retiring. I've been cruising with Regent since 2000 (or whatever was Navigator's maiden year), and now have 297 nights with the line and still more coming up.

I was not keen on the extension of the inclusiveness beyond the alcohol, as I know nothing is really "free", and the increases in fares has been considerable. I always enjoyed researching my ports and searching around the internet to find private guides, as I much prefer a van for 6 rather than a coach with many more. I would often just grab a cab and the cruiseline's list of excursions and build my own. Now, it is more difficult to interest fellow cruisers to do these independent excursions, as they don't want to pay "twice".

Whatever Regent's assumptions were, they seem to be filling their ships on most sailings, whether I like those policies or not. For anyone to say that real "luxury cruisers" do not like ship's excursions is simply a misstatement of facts, they obviously do in the case of Regent! Just as I would not have started out with Regent for the sole reason that excursions are included, nor will I stop crusing with them just because they are. I am just happy I have the option of a non-use credit for unwanted air and hotels.

Editing to comment on Paul's remarks about the Silverseas overnight in Luxor, and the daylong excursion to Petra. I did that from the Whisper a few years ago, and these were amazing excursions at a price that was not exhorbitant, given what we received for those days. There are just some ports where it is best to stick with the ship, especially when there are long distances to cover in a day.

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