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I once snuck into the high school auditorium and played a "chopsticks tripet" with Arthur Ferrante and Louis Teicher where they were practicing for an up coming concert that evening.

At the beginning of the concern that evening they made the announcement that they wouldn't be playing one of their signature pieces "The Theme From Exodus" because they felt that with out an orchestra background it wouldn't sound that good. At the end of the concert on their last curtain call they said they were going to play a special song especially for the young boy down in the first row (and Ferrante pointed to me).

They sat down and played the Theme from Exodus! It never sounded better! The next day at school, a friend who took classical piano (he was/is of the type who believes that anything other than true classical isn't music) and actually became a professional classical musician and a maestro, walked up and said, "Okay, how'd you pull that one off?" "Hey, sometimes it helps if you play boogie woogie rock 'n roll!"

My only other claim to fame was that I once did the twist with Chubby Checker on the stage at the local collegeback in '97. Now that took an enormous amount of cooercion (including three rather large men) to even get me up on the stage, much less actually dance!

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