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Oh boy you guys really have me clearing the cobwebs in my brain....

The guy's name was Ed Bryleski. He picked me up in his Dad's Cadillac. I can't really remember where we went for our date, I think it might have been to the movies. Then he asked me if I'd like to have some wine? I must have been like 14 or 15 years old and of course said alright that sounds good!

So out from under the seat he pulls two plastic cups and a bottle of
Manischewitz Blackberry Wine. I am sure this bottle came straight from his parents personal collection. So we had a couple of drinks of the forbidden wine and started to engage in some kissy kissy, huggy, huggy, touchy, touchy, and then I didn't feel so great, so I had him take me home. The wine that poor Ed thought would probably turn me to putty in his hands, ended up being a show stopper. lol

Every time I see a bottle of Manischewitz my mind wanders back to Ed and I have to giggle!

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