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I'm kind of partial to the little bar located at at Blackbeard's Castle in St Thomas. Its where you go to enter the Amber Museum. You pay your cover to the bartender and he lets you in. Tour ends right back at at the bar, so we stayed for a bit. Michael is the main bartender. He's first generation USVI, lived there his whole life. Lots of great conversation and very knowledgeable about the islands. And he makes a drink that will knock you on your @$$ if you're not careful. Its 1 drink made with 12, yes 12 alcohols, and no mixer. He said they tested it once and it came to around 125 alc/vol or there abouts. But it was *good* :-D

Overview of 12:

Close up 1:

Close up 2:

Close up 3:

For the record, that is Cruzan 151, and that was practically half the drink as a base.

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