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I am also a victim of the power of suggestion. It stems from once having a blocked ureter while visiting Tijuana. I had an operation about two weeks previously that left a few blod clots in my urine.

We went to Tijuana and started drinking beer, and I had to go, and it wouldn't come out. OMG!

We had to rush back over the border and get me to an emergency room in San Ysidro. It took two hours and the pain was horrible. You can imagine what the border check was like.

Anyway - at the ER were 100 people, so I had to wait. So I went in the mens room and decided to try it from a different angle and it came out. It turns out men have a straighter path when sitting.

ANYWAY - since then I can't leave the house without going first, or get on a plane, bus, etc. I once had a twilight-zone like panic attack getting on a city to city bus in Jersey and seeing no restroom.

I think it is surprising how many people here have completely different preferences and ways of doing such a simple thing. I am sure the industry (like the Japanese toilet makers) already know all this stuff, but geeze - what a surprising amount of diversity.
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