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She is not famous for anything but just being herself. Many here have seen my posts about her, some have even met her. Her name is Patty. Patty is a sweet woman who is mentally challenged. She is tiny about 5 feet tall. At the age of 5 she was admitted into the "Laconia State School" an institution for mentally challenged persons in Laconia NH. There she lived for the next 30 years. Eventually she was let out into the community to live. Patty was in group homes and even had her own apartment with support. Eventually a program called Shared Family Living came into being. I met Patty in 2000 when I was being considered as a candidate to take a client into my home. Patty moved in in September 2000 and there she stayed for 5 years. She had a job and went to it every day. She just spent a few hours a day cleaning a restaurant dining room. She was so proud of her job. The waitresses all "lost" change on the floor or tables for Patty to find. She was always delighted to come home with a pocket full of change. Of course she was paid for her work too but her checks were deposited into her accounts. Her public guardian handled her finances. Patty is very religious and went to church on a regular basis. She is Catholic but for her any church is okay. As she once said God is everywhere so it should not matter what church you go to. Patty and I were best friends and did everything together. She went with me to Louisiana to meet my daughter and grandchildren. I also took her on a cruise with me. We went with a CruiseMates group on Carnival Glory. She of course got medals and even the coveted "Ship On A Stick". She blatantly flirted with the CD Mark Price and bragged about the cute guy that kissed her on the boat.
Shortly after that cruise Patty was moved to another home where she remains today. From the time she moved until the time I moved to Florida I saw her every week for an outing. I still keep in touch with her by phone. I miss her a lot but I know she is happy and that is okay.

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