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Default Pryamids

TRIP.....having visited Alexandria and Cairo in October to see the Pyramids, my first reaction was for world class cities I've never seen such chaos and filth...garbage strewn streets and canals. We have spent a week in each in Peru, Colombia, Venezuela and there was nothing to even compare to the horrible conditions.. Although the Pyramids were never in my bucket list I still can't believe I've seen them and the Sphynx. I WOULD NEVER EVER GO BACK....Our second day there several passengers made the decision not to tour Alexandria. Sad, the country has much to offer. Museums are being looted and even as we toured in October there was a police presence on the tour buses which went out in caravans. Safety is the main concern of the cruise lines and it will be many years I believe until it is safe for cruise ships to return.. Oh yes... the reason we booked the cruise was because of the overnight in Israel....which overwhelmed us and whether Christian or Jewish must be seen... especially after Egypt. I believe there will be many, many changes made to itineraries at the last minute starting now and there is nothing you can do about it... Spacy-tell your mother we are as old or almost as old as she is and it just "ain't worth it" put your life in danger.. A few years ago Cartegena, Spain was substituted for Morocco....I'd rather have visited Cartegena, Spain.... but we did get back and went to Marrakesh two years ago..
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