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Originally Posted by you View Post
I read Rome also is an hour and a half away from the cruise port.

Yes, that's about right. I think that the distance from Civitavecchia to Roma is about sixty miles, so the drive should take an hour, but the traffic in the immediate vicinity of Roma is notoriously awful....

Originally Posted by you
The fact both are that far away and worth spending more than a day at makes me wonder how I can pick one to embark or disembark at. Can I fly to Florence, see that area for 2-3 days, then ride a train to Rome and stay there a few days before embarking in Civitavecchia?
Yes, you certainly can do that. If that's your plan, I have two specific recommendations.

>> 1. It's best to book your hotel in Roma as a pre-cruise package through your cruise line, as the package will include the transfers between the hotel and the pier. Also, your cruise line will have agents at a "hospitality desk" in the hotel's lobby to assist the cruise line's guests with local arrangements. Those agents also offer special tours of the major attractions exclusively for the cruise line's guests.

>> 2. Use tours to visit the major attractions, especially in Roma. Queues for general admission to the major attractions are typically two to three hours long, so you'll waste half or your time waiting in queues for admission if you don't. The tour groups have pre-reserved times, so they go directly to the group entrance, bypassing the queues, when they arrive at the attractions.

But having said that, you might want to consider doing a post-cruise package in Roma if your cruise ends there. The flights to the United States leave Fiumicino's Leonardo da Vinci Airport very early (IIRC, the last flights to the States depart Fiumicino around 10:00 AM), so the ships begin disembarkation by 5:00 AM for passengers transferring to the airport. The hotel transfers operate at a more civilized hour to meet the hotel check-in times. Also, several of the hotels that the cruise lines use in Roma, including the Crowne Plaza St. Peter's, offer complementary shuttles to the airport in Fiumicino timed for the flights to the States, but no shuttles the other way. (The Crowne Plaza St. Peter's, located in a residential neighborhood behind the Vatican, also offers complementary shuttles to the downtown area throughout the day.)

And again, if you book a post-cruise package through your cruise line, the package will include the transfer directly from the pier to your hotel.

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