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Originally Posted by Spacey_sjca View Post
Parrot, I'll forward your response to my mom. I loved it. We have been asking NCL over and over for information and can't get anything. Our guy promises to send information and it just doesn't happen - he has flaked on us at least 3 times now. My mom is paying for it, my sister-in-law set it up, and I upgraded us from inside to a 2 bR family suite, and none of us can get a response when we call. Have tried to escalate to someone higher in customer service, but can't get past the reservations guy. We'll keep at it.
And get this - my brother says the curse of the pharaohs is upon us - my sister in law (in her early 60's) had to go in the hospital yesterday for chest pains and had to undergo a stent implant procedure!! She still plans on going on this cruise, but oh my.
It's so good to have someone out there (you guys who responded) to talk to. Only my second cruise, my mom's 8th or 9th, my sister's second, too
Virtual hugs.
I can outdo your sister in came home from the flight and developed blood clots in my lungs, two weeks later rushed to another hospital for a stent after discovering 80% blockage. (they are not going to let her go are they-hopefully she must of bought travel insurance)... and found out that our excursions unbeknowst to be was being affected by my cardiac problems and I ended with a stent less than a few weeks later after coming home. The last thing she wants to do is end up in a hospital in Egypt or one of the other countries. We have done over 25 cruises, mainly the past few years trans-atlantics... Tell your mother I did one bucket list item two years ago... we did the Amazon, years ago Parrot Pop wanted to see when it opened up Macchu Picchu which we did..Not that your mother will appreciate it, but the Sphynx is smaller than we imagined and beat up
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