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Sorry you did not enjoy your cruise.
I will try to reply...
Princess are a mid range cruise line not a premier line.
Cabin I think I would have got it changed before boarding or even just swapped cabins with the other family member. As for the name being wrong does it matter?
Dining times, you should have been asked, but as I see it anytime dining is meant as dine within certain times at a specified restaurant, not anywhere.
Luggage, they should have taken it to the right cabin but to be honest they would only take it to where it said on the tag.
No cruise line does anything much for birthdays, maybe a few balloons & embarrassing singing waiters.
Anything fragile should be kept in hand baggage common sense I think.
I feel that you may have not done enough research & relied on word of mouth from fans of cruising, people often have a higher than realistic idea of what they are getting. You may have revealed what you were expecting in hoping to be treated like royalty.
Some answer questions...I also question answers
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