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because advertisers know that it is the one time of the year that they can capture a worldwide audience in one sitting, and will spend an entire yearly advertising budget for one 30-90 second commercial..they also will pay a premium to have their commercial viewed in the 15 minutes before kickoff and before half time (the fear is if the game is a blow out by half time, no one will watch the 2nd half and post game)..the big winners are the companys that pay less to have their commericials shown in the 3rd and 4th quarter and benefit from a great game..last year's Super Bowl game with the Colts and Saints was the classic example

the day after, there is more talk about the commercials instead of the game, so yes, it is a goldmine and yes lots of folks hit the advertisers website right after the commercial is shown

it is a huge gamble because if the commercial sucks, it can cost the company big time and the ad company gets fired and loses accounts

only the fans in the cities that the teams represent really care about the game, but everybody looks forward to the commercials..don't think Fox cares just about the game..there will be an interview with POTUS Obama conducted by Bill O'Rilley(sp) which I'm sure will receive more post game analysis then the actual game
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